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logos ESPEN Blue Book ESPEN Congress, Lisbon Fight Against Malnutrition NutritionDay The Life Long Learning (LLL) programme in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism is an extremely effective educational programme for medical doctors and health specialists offering training on-line and at live courses, by variety of innovative training methodologies and resources.

LLL programme in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism is based on an Educational curriculum offering 120 training modules (100 are already available on-line) created and peer reviewed by recognized European experts.

The Modules are freely accessible on-line after registration

LLL Programme in Nutrition and Metabolism is a global effort of ESPEN supported by EU to provide post-graduate qualification in Clinical Nutrition and thus to improve daily practice.

It was developed as the project BG-03-B-F-PP-166039 of Leonardo da Vinci Programme by ESPEN and a number of European universities with the support of European Union.

LLL Programme in Nutrition and Metabolism was accredited by Union Européenne des Médecins Spécialistes.

If you are interested to become a teacher in LLL programme



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