To learn the consequences of malnutrition in liver cirrhosis; To know how to diagnose malnutrition in liver cirrhosis and how to treat malnutrition in liver cirrhosis; The understand the metabolic problems of patients with acute liver failure; The caveats regarding administration of glucose and amino acids; To learn how to discriminate between patients with mild or severe pancreatitis; To appreciate the impact of adequate nutritional support on clinical outcome in patients with acute pancreatitis; To learn about the benefits and the risks of enteral and parenteral nutrition in patients with acute pancreatitis; To learn the best approach to nutritional support in patients with severe and complicated acute pancreatitis; To know about the physiology and pathophysiology of chronic pancreatitis (CP); To know the treatment goals in CP with respect to nutrition; To understand the indications for different nutritional interventions in CP. Improvement of competencies and skills in CN, application of effective CN in the treatment of disease and health promotion; To acquire tools to interpret new scientific information, genetic predisposition and link with nutrition, better practical management of nutritional support.