Welcome to the LLL Programme in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism

The Life-Long Learning (LLL) programme in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism is an innovative and effective educational programme for medical doctors and health specialists offering online training and live courses, using a variety of modern training methodologies and resources.

The LLL programme in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism is based on an Educational Curriculum offering more than 120 training modules, created and peer-reviewed by recognized experts in the field.

Structure of the LLL

The main educational unit of LLL-Programme is the module. Each module consists of an updated review of a certain problem, a clinical case, a self-assessment test, and a grading quiz. Modules on related subject areas are grouped into topics, making it easier for the user to select modules in a particular field of interest. The educational curriculum consists of 40 topics and 120 modules.
The enrolment for each topic provides free access to the educational content and the opportunity to earn credits and certificates. The LLL programme automatically adds each topic studied by the participant to the individual portfolio generated by the system after registration.
The participants are free to select the topics and modules according to their personal interests and goals.

Training Approaches and Certification

The LLL programme offers online self-training, Webinars, and live courses. Online self-training, Webinars, and live courses award credits.
Online self-training awards 4 CME credits for each topic studied after the successful completion of the corresponding grading quizzes.
Participation in a Webinar, or in a live course on a topic awards 4 CME credits. Credit accumulation gives the opportunity to apply for the final exam for the ESPEN Diploma in Clinical Nutrition. There are no registration fees (for registration) for participation in online activities.

The address for registration is https://lllnutrition.com.

How to Attend Online Courses?

The Online Course offers self-training activities. It provides access to module content, clinical cases, self-training tests, and grading quizzes. To earn credits online, all these activities must be completed. The certificate for the completed activity can be provided on request. The cost of the certificate is 30 Euro.

How to Attend a Live Course?

Live courses are a compulsory component of training in the LLL programme. Each topic includes 3-4 modules and has a 4-hour format. Each live course consists of 3 components: Lectures, cases, and a test. Live courses are held at ESPEN annual congresses and by national PEN societies. Please find more information in the next section.
Before attending a live course, the participants must be registered on the LLL website and must study the online modules included in the live course.
You are most welcome to the Annual ESPEN Congress, as you will have the opportunity to participate in eight live courses.
Please find the prices of the courses below.

How to Attend a WEBINAR?

A Webinar has the same structure as a live course. Each Webinar consists of 3 components: Lectures, cases, and a test (Safe Exam Quiz).
The test is held using the Safe Exam Browser (SEB). It must be downloaded before the Webinar. The test is done under video surveillance provided by videoconference solutions.
The participants in the Webinar receive the information, the links to access the course, and the passwords for the Safe Test from the director of the course.
The LLL Webinars offer the same number of credits as live LLL courses.

The live courses/webinars are regularly announced on the LLL and ESPEN websites.
For more information, please use the link below:

LLL Live Course Registration Fees at the ESPEN Congress
1 LLL Live Course EUR 35 EUR 105
2 LLL Live Courses EUR 60 EUR 125
3 LLL Live Courses EUR 80 EUR 150
4 LLL Live Courses EUR 100 EUR 170
5 LLL Live Courses EUR 120 EUR 190
6 LLL Live Courses EUR 130 EUR 210
7 LLL Live Courses EUR 140 EUR 230

ESPEN Diploma in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism

A total of 120 CME credits is necessary to qualify for the final exam. A minimum of 56 credits from 14 Live courses and Webinars and 64 credits from online courses are required. The credits earned are verified by checking the certificates for successful completion of the live courses and by assessing the applicant's individual online profile.
Successful completion of the final exam awards 30 credits.
The fee for the final exam is 200 euros. The details for the final exam and the application form are provided in the link below:

30 exams have been held since 2010. 926 participants have done the exam. (Pass rate 76%).

The TLLL Course

The T-LLL Course for teachers of the LLL programme is scheduled annually at the ESPEN Congress, or by request of the National PEN Society. The applications are processed by the LLL Board. The acceptance letter for the T-LLL course is recognised only when provided by LLL Board.

The fee for the TLLL course is 200 Euro. The details are provided in the link

More than 500 experts in Clinical Nutrition joined the project!


Pre G-LLL has the aim to teach students interested in nutrition or to use it for self-training. Together with the help of KEPAN, we have developed 11 topics with around 40 slides per topic. Until now 479 have requested the material (123 teaching institutions and 356 for self-training).

The LLL board wishes you a successful and fruitful educational experience. Don't hesitate to invite your colleagues and peers to the LLL programme!


The LLL Programme in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism is a global effort on the part of ESPEN to provide post-graduate qualifications in Clinical Nutrition and improve daily practices. It was developed as project BG-03-B-F-PP-166039 of the Leonardo da Vinci Programme by ESPEN and a number of European Universities with the support of the European Union. The LLL Programme in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism is accredited by the Union Européenne des Médecins Spécialistes. The Programme is continuously maintained by ESPEN.
Since 2005, 2411 events have been held as live courses and Webinars, attended by 92073 participants.
65 600 participants from 148 countries are registered on the LLL Portal.
123 138 online sessions and 1 22761225 page views in 2022.


LLL Board:
Prof. Alessandro Laviano
Prof. Regina Komsa-Penkova
Prof. Remy Meier
Prof. Stanislaw Klek

September, 2023

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