ESPEN Diploma and Application to Final Exam

The ESPEN Diploma acknowledges the collection of 150 CME credits through the ESPEN LLL Programme and recognizes skills and competencies in Clinical Nutrition by further conveying all the prestige of ESPEN.
Candidates to the ESPEN Diploma qualify to the final exam by collecting the required number of CME credits.

ESPEN Diploma

Diploma Supplement

Organization of the Exam:
The exam is organized annually during the ESPEN Congress. Additionally, the exam may be also organized at designated locations after approval by the LLL Board.
The deadline for the application for the final exam is three months before the Exam. After the deadline no application will be accepted.

Mandatory pre-requisites for taking the final exam:
Collection of 120 CME credits is necessary to qualify for the final exam.
A minimum of 56 credits from 14 live courses and webinars and 64 credits from online courses are requested. The earned credits are verified by checking the certificates received after successfully completion of live courses and by assessing the applicant's individual online profile.
The successful final exam awards the additional 30 credits.

There are mandatory topics for the credits earned at live courses/webinars:
Nutritional Assessment and Techniques, Enteral and Parenteral nutritional approaches, Nutritional Support in the Perioperative Period and in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Patients (Topics 3, 8, 9,17 and 18).

There are also mandatory online courses:
Metabolism of Macronutrients, Malnutrition, Role of nutrition in disease prevention and obesity (Topics 1, 6, 20 and 23).

Note: If credits from more than 16 topics have been collected, the student has the right to select those 16 topics on which he/she would prefer being tested for the final exam. This information should be sent with the application.

We kindly remind you to check your credits online on LLL Web Portal (

If you believe or note that some of your credits have not been registered in the LLL database, please send us the document(s) related to the specific missing topic(s).



LLL students fulfilling the criteria and willing to sit for the final exam have to write an intent letter and send the application to the LLL co-director Regina Komsa-Penkova ( to be registered for the final exam. The application form should also provide a summary of the accumulated credits. It is important to remind that credits earned within a time frame of 10 years can be considered for qualifying for the final exam.
IMPORTANT: Incomplete applications will be rejected. Credits earned by successful completion of the live courses, webinars and online activity will be verified by checking the applicant's individual LLL account.
After this initial screening, the LLL Board will contact the applicant by email and confirm/reject the application for the final exam.

The fee for the final exam is 200 Euro. The payment will cover the administrative costs of organizing the exam and printing the Diploma*. The payment should be made before the exam to the organizers of the event, during which the final exam takes place.

Candidates to the final exam should qualify BEFORE applying. Exceptions could be considered by the LLL Board on a case by case way, but a maximum of 2 live courses missing are possible. These courses shall be taken during the ESPEN congress or any other event BEFORE sitting for the exam.

Format of the Exam:
LLL students whose application has been explicitly accepted by the LLL Board, will receive an individual test containing 100 multiple choice questions, all dealing with the topics he/she has taken, as registered in his/her individual profile on the LLL WEB-Portal. The multiple-choice test includes questions with four different answers but ONLY ONE is right.
The threshold to pass the exam is 80% of correct answers. The duration of the exam is 3 hours, without any break.
Note: Any electronic device (e.g. cellular phones, tablets, etc.) are prohibited inside the exam hall.

The ESPEN Diploma in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism is awarded after successful accumulation of a total of 150 credits.

A European Diploma Supplement, mentioning the activities of the student registered on the web-portal during the entire training in LLL program, is given together with Diploma.
Join the enthusiastic group of the ESPEN EU Diploma holders in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism. Become a proud holder of the ESPEN Diploma!

The ESPEN Diploma recognizes the knowledge and competences in Clinical Nutrition of the owner of the Diploma and it has all the prestige of ESPEN. This Diploma can be considered as an endorsement by ESPEN, but it is not an equivalent of a formal degree recognized by a Ministry of Education of any country. For professional career development the Diploma has the weight that employers want to give it.

*Note: The pdf files of both the Diploma and the Diploma supplement will be emailed to the successful students. When explicitly requested, the original documents will be shipped to the students and the additional mailing costs will be charged.


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