List of Topics and Modules 2024

Code Title Credits for Live course Credits for on-line course Credits for Grading Quiz Authors
Topic 1 Metabolism of Macronutrients 4 3    
EDU T1 M1.1 Introduction to Clinical Nutrition 1      Pichard Claude
Meier Rémy
Regina Komsa
EDU T1 M1.2 Metabolism of Carbohydrates     1 H.P. Sauerwein
EDU T1 M1.3 Metabolism of Lipids     1 Regina Komsa-Penkova,
Lubos Sobotka
EDU T1 M1.4 Metabolism of Amino Acids and Proteins     1 Luc Cynober
Topic 2 Water, Electrolytes and Micronutrients 4 4    
EDU T2 M2.1 Water and Electrolytes in Health and Disease (under development)     1  
EDU T2 M2.2 Metabolism of Vitamins     1 Alan Shenkin
EDU T2 M2.3 Metabolism of Minerals and Trace Elements     1 Alan Shenkin
EDU T2 M2.4 Colloids, Albumin, Specific Clinical Conditions (under development)     1  
EDU T2 M2.5 Fluid Balance and Metabolism in Surgery     1 Damian Bragg
Simon P Allison
Dileep N Lobo
Topic 3 Screening, Diagnosis, and Assessment of Malnutrition 4 4    
EDU T3 M3.1 Screening, Diagnosis by GLIM and Assessment of Malnutrition   1 Remy Meier
EDU T3 M3.2 Assessment of Body Composition in General   1 Kristina Norman
EDU T3 M3.3 Assessment of the Muscle Mass and the Inflammation Phenotypic Criteria   1 TBD
EDU T3 M3.4 Energy Balance   1 Lubos Sobotka
Topic 4 Nutritional Support in Paediatric Patients (1) 4 4    
EDU T4 M4.1 Food Allergy: Prevention and Treatment of Cow's Milk Allergy     1 Yvan Vandenplas
Rosan M. Meyer
Koen Huysentruyt
EDU T4 M4.2 Nutrition and Dietary Therapy in Paediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease       Konstantinos Gerasimidis
EDU T4 M4.3 Nutrition Treatment in Children with Intestinal Failure with a Special Emphasis on Short Bowel Syndrome     1 Sanja Kolaček
EDU T4 M4.4 Principles of Feeding the Preterm Infant     1 Koen Joosten
Marijn Vermeulen
Topic 5 Nutritional Requirements during Lifespan   2    
EDU T5 M5.1 Dynamic of Nutritional Requirements during Lifespan     1 Kalliopi Anna (Liana) Poulia
EDU T5 M5.2 Nutritional Requirements in Pregnancy and Lactation     1 Saeedeh Talebi
Hamid Reza Kianifar
Atieh Mehdizadeh
Topic 6 Malnutrition in the Community   4    
EDU T6 M6.1 Malnutrition and Its Impact in the Community     1 Matthias Pirlich
EDU T6 M6.2 Screening and Assessment     1 Remy Meier
EDU T6 M6.3 Nutritional Care of Patients in the Community     1 Michela Zanetti
EDU T6 M6.4 Transition of Nutritional Care from Hospital to Home     1 Stanislaw Klek
Topic 7 Enteral/Parenteral Nutrition - Substrates   3    
EDU T7 M7.1 Substrates Used for Enteral Nutrition: Tube Feeding     1 Aleksandra Kapala
Ryszard Choruz
Stanislaw Klek
EDU T7 M7.2 Substrates for Parenteral Nutrition     1 Stanislaw Klek
EDU T7 M7.3 Immunonutrition Substrates for Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition     1 Stanislaw Klek
Tomasz Kowalczyk
Topic 8 Approach to Oral and Enteral Nutrition in Adults 4 4    
EDU T8 M8.1 Indications, Contraindications, Complications and Monitoring of EN     1 Michela Zanetti
EDU T8 M8.2 Hospital Diet and Oral Nutritional Supplements (Sip Feeds)     1 Matthias Pirlich
Kalliopi-Anna Poulia
Marian de van der Schueren
Kristina Norman
EDU T8 M8.3 Techniques of Enteral Nutrition     1 Johann Ockenga
EDU T8 M8.4 Formulae for Enteral Nutrition     1 Alastair Forbes
Luzia Valentini
Topic 9 Approach to Parenteral Nutrition 4 4    
EDU T9 M9.1 Indications and Contraindications for Parenteral Nutrition     1 Zeljko Krznaric
EDU T9 M9.2 Techniques of Parenteral Nutrition     1 André Van Gossum
Asuncion Ballarin
Justine Thomas
Viviane Lievin
EDU T9 M9.3 Compounding and Ready-to-use Preparation of PN: Pharmaceutical Aspects. Compatibility and Stability Consideration; Drug Admixing     1 Peter Austin
Dina Ljubas Kelečić
EDU T9 M9.4 Monitoring and Complications of Parenteral Nutrition     2 Alessandro Laviano
Topic 10 Nutritional Support in Pediatric Patients (2) 4 4    
EDU T10 M10.1 Nutritional Evaluation of Hospitalized Children     1 Koen Joosten
Koen Huysentruyt
EDU T10 M10.2 Enteral Nutrition in Pediatric Patients     1 Koen Joosten
Jessie Hulst
EDU T10 M10.3 Parenteral Nutrition in Pediatric Patients     1 Sanja Kolaček
Iva Hojsak
EDU T10 M10.4 Principles of Feeding in Pediatric ICU     1 Koen Joosten
Topic 11 Organisation of Nutritional Care. Ethic and Legal Aspects   4    
EDU T11 M11.1 Organisation of Nutritional Care     1 Diana Cardenas
Maria Cristina Cuerda Compés
EDU T11 M11.2 Ethical and Legal Aspects of Nutritional Care     1 Rocco Barazzoni
Samia Hurst
Diana Cardenas
EDU T11 M11.3 Ethical Issues and Dilemmas in Artificial Nutrition and Hydration     1 Diana Cardenas
EDU T11 M11.4 Clinical Nutrition and Human Rights     1 Rocco Barazzoni
Cristina Cuerda
M. Isabel T. D Correia
Diana Cardenas
Topic 12 Nutritional Support in Gastrointestinal Diseases 4 4    
EDU T12 M12.1 Compromised Gut     1 Stanislaw Klek
Peter B. Soeters
EDU T12 M12.2 Challenges in Treating the Patient with Short Bowel     1 Alastair Forbes
EDU T12 M12.3 Nutrition and Gastrointestinal Fistulas     1 Ruben Visschers
Stephanie Breukink
EDU T12 M12.4 Nutrition in Inflammatory Bowel Disease     1 Rémy Meier
Topic 13 Nutritional Support in Liver Disease 2* 2    
EDU T13 M13.1 Nutritional Support in Acute Liver Failure     1 William Bernal
EDU T13 M13.2 Nutritional Support in Chronic Liver Disease     1 Mathias Plauth
Topic 14 Nutritional Support in Pancreatic Disease 2* 2    
EDU T14 M14.1 Nutrition in Acute Pancreatitis     1 Rémy Meier
Mihailo Bezmarević
Stephen A. McClave
EDU T14 M14.2 Chronic Pancreatitis     1 Johann Ockenga
Topic 15 Nutrition Support in Renal Disease 4 4    
EDU T15 M15.1 Acute Kidney Injury     1 Francesca Di Mario
EDU T15 M15.2 Nutritional Support in Chronic Kidney Disease     1 Carla Maria Avesani
EDU T15 M15.3 Nutrition Support in End-stage Renal Disease Patients on Haemodialysis (ESRD-HD)     1 Alice Sabatino
EDU T15 M 15.4 Nutrition Support in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients     1 Claudia D'Alessandro
Topic 16 Nutritional Support in Specific Clinical Conditions   4    
EDU T16 M16.1 Nutritional Support in Burns     1 Metter M. Berger
Rene L. Chiolero
EDU T16 M16.2 Nutrition in Gravity and Bed Rest     1  
EDU T16 M16.3 Nutritional Support in Multiple Trauma (under development)     1 Metter M. Berger
Rene L. Chiolero
EDU T16 M16.4 Nutritional Support in Head Trauma     1  
Topic 17 Nutritional Support in the Perioperative Period 4 4    
EDU T17 M17.1 Metabolic Responses to Surgical Stress     1 Mattias Soop
Olle Ljungqvist
EDU T17 M17.2 Managing Surgical Stress: Principles of Enhanced Recovery and Effect on Outcomes     1 Olle Ljungqvist
Kenneth C H Fearon
EDU T17 M17.3 Nutritional Therapy in the Perioperative Period     1 Arved Weimann
EDU T17 M17.4 Making the Gut work     1 Damian Bragg
Ahmed M. El-Sharkawy
Emmanouil Psaltis
Charles A. Maxwell-Armstrong
Dileep N. Lobo
Topic 18 Nutritional Support in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Patients 4 4    
EDU T18 M18.1 Physiology of Stress and Metabolic Needs     1 Michael J. Hiesmayr
EDU T18 M18.2 Route and Timing     1 Claude Pichard
EDU T18 M18.3 Dose and Composition     1 Elisabeth De Waele
EDU T18 M18.4 Monitoring and Post ICU Period     1 Pierre Singer
Topic 19 Chronic Intestinal Failure and Home Parenteral Nutrition (HPN) in Adults 4 4    
EDU T19 M19.1 Indications and Outcome     1 André Van Gossum
EDU T19 M19.2 HPN: Training and Monitoring. Chronic Intestinal Failure: Medical Treatment     1 Lore Billiauws
Francisca Joly
EDU T19 M19.3 Central Venous Access Device Complications     1 Geert Wanten
EDU T19 M19.4 Metabolic Complications of Home Parenteral Nutrition and Indications for Intestinal Transplantation in Chronic Intestinal Failure     1 Loris Pironi
Topic 20 Nutrition and Prevention of Diseases 4 4    
EDU T20 M20.1 Nutrients in the Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases     1 Rosa Burgos Peláez
EDU T20 M20.2 Nutrition in the Prevention of Osteoporosis     1 Maurizio Muscaritoli
Sara Emerenziani
EDU T20 M20.3 Nutrition in the Prevention of Cancer     1 Maurizio Muscaritoli
Sara Emerenziani
EDU T20 M20.4 Nutrition in the Prevention of Neurological Diseases     1 Rosa Burgos Peláez
Topic 21 Consequences of Diabetes on the Nutritional Status 2* 2    
EDU T21 M21.1 Medical Nutrition in Diabetes Mellitus     1 Michela Zanetti
EDU T21 M21.2 Nutritional Support in Diabetes Type I and Type II     1 Lubos Sobotka
Topic 22 Nutrition in Lipidaemias 2* 2    
EDU T22 M22.1 Dyslipidemia: Targeting the Management of Cardiovascular Risk Factors     1 Miguel Leon Sanz
María D. Ballesteros-Pomar
EDU T22 M22.2 Prescription of Artificial Nutrition in Patients with Dislipidemia     1 María D. Ballesteros-Pomar
Miguel León Sanz
Topic 23 Nutrition in Obesity 4 4    
EDU T23 M23.1 Obesity - Aetiopathogenesis and Complications     1 Rocco Barazzoni
EDU T23 M23.2 Obesity: Assessment and Prevention     1 Michael Chourdakis
EDU T23 M23.3 Obesity Therapy     1 Stephan Bischoff
EDU T23 M23.4 Bariatric Surgery - Nutritional and Metabolic Complications     1 Irit Chermesh
Topic 24 Nutritional Support in Metabolic Syndrome 4 4    
EDU T24 M24.1 Diagnostic Criteria for Metabolic Syndrome     1 María Cristina Cuerda Compés
EDU T24 M24.2 Insulin Resistance: from Pathophysiology to Clinical Assessment     1 Rocco Barazzoni
EDU T24 M24.3 Lifestyle Interventions in Metabolic Syndrome     1 Miguel León-Sanz
EDU T24 M24.4 Drugs as Disease Modifiers in the Metabolic Syndrome: Change of Paradigm     1 Joelle Singer
María D. Ballesteros Pomar
Topic 25 Nutritional Support in Neurological Diseases 4 4    
EDU T25 M25.1 Nutritional and Metabolic Consequences of Neurological Diseases     1 Irene Bretón
EDU T25 M25.2 Nutritional Support in Strok     1 Stéphane M. Schneide
EDU T25 M25.3 Nutritional Support in Chronic Neurological Diseases     1 Rosa Burgos
EDU T25 M25.4 Nutritional Support in Dementia     1 Rainer Wirth
Topic 26 Nutritional Support in Cancer 4 4    
EDU T26 M26.1 Nutritional and Metabolic Consequences of Cancer and its Treatments     1 Alessandro Laviano
EDU T26 M26.2 Nutritional Treatment Strategies in Cancer Patients     1 Harriet Jager-Wittenaar
EDU T26 M26.3 Physical Activity and Exercise Training in Cancer Patients     1 Matthew Maddocks
EDU T26 M26.4 Multimodal Care     1 Jann Arends
Topic 27 Nutritional Support in Infectious Disease   3    
EDU T27 M27.1 Nutrition and Immune Response (under development)     1  
EDU T27 M27.2 Principles of Nutritional Therapy in HIV/AIDS     1 Joel Faintuch
EDU T27 M27.3 Principles of Nutritional Therapy in Corona Virus Patients (under development)     1  
Topic 28 Nutrition in Allergic Diseases 1      
EDU T28 M28.1 Nutrition and Food Allergy     1  
Topic 29 Nutrition in Hereditary Diseases   4    
EDU T29 M29.1 Nutrition in Phenylketonuria     1 Saeedeh Talebi
Payman Eshraghi
EDU T29 M29.2 Nutrition in Lactose Intolerance     1 Darija Vranešić Bender
EDU T29 M29.3 Nutrition in Celiac Disease (under development)     1  
EDU T29 M29.4 Nutrition in the Cystic Fibrosis Patients - Impact and Intervention     1 Gizel Diab
Lea Bentur
Drora Berkowitz
Geila S. Rozen
Topic 30 Nutrition in Rheumatological Diseases 1* 1    
EDU T30 M30.1 Rheumatological Diseases (under development)     1 Patrick Ammann
Topic 31 Nutrition in Behavioral Disorders 5 5    
EDU T31 M31.1 Nutrition in Anorexia Nervosa     1 Alberto Miján-de-la-Torre
Beatriz Mateo-de-Silleras
Elvira Martin-de-la-Torre
M Paz Redondo-del-Rio
Ana Pérez-García
EDU T31 M31.2 Nutrition in Bulemia     1 Núria Español-Armengol
Alberto Miján-de-la-Torre
EDU T31 M31.3 Nutritional and Metabolic Alterations in Alcohol Abuse.
Risks of Ethanol-Related Health Problems.
    1 Robertas Badaras
Regina Komsa
Gabija Dragelyte
Edvard Grišin
EDU T31 M31.4 Nutrition in Drug Abuse (under development)     1  
EDU T31 M31.5 Nutrition in Autism (under development)     1  
Topic 32 Food Safety   1    
EDU T32 M32.1 Food Safety. Exposure to Toxic Environment     1 Maya Stavreva
Ed van Klink
Iliana Buteva
Nedka Trifonova
Topic 33 Nutrition and Public Health   1    
EDU T33 M33.1 Nutrition and Public Health (under development)     1  
Topic 34 Nutrigenomics   2    
EDU T34 M34.1 Nutrigenomics - New Research Approaches     1 Varban Ganev
EDU T34 M34.2 From Nutrients to Genes: Response to Nutrients     1 Varban Ganev
Topic 35 Economics of Nutrition   1    
EDU T354 M35.1 Cost Benefit in Clinical Nutrition     1 Dan Waitzberg
Yara Carnevalli
Topic 36 Nutrition in Older Adults 4 4    
EDU T36 M36.1 Epidemiology, Aetiology and Consequences of Malnutrition in Older Adults     1 Tommy Cederholm
EDU T36 M36.2 Nutritional Screening, Assessment and Diagnosis. Dietary Advice and Oral Nutritional Supplements in Older Adults     1 Marian A. E. de van der Schueren
EDU T36 M36.3 Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition in Older Adults     1 Stéphane M. Schneider
EDU T36 M36.4 Age-Related Sarcopenia     1 Juergen Bauer
Topic 37 Nutrition and Physical Activity 4 4    
EDU T37 M37.1 Energy Balance Regulation: Effects of Exercise on ad Libitum Food Intake     1 Katarina Melzer
EDU T37 M37.2 Physical Activity and Chronic Diseases     1 Julie Mareschal-Douissard
Emilie Reber
EDU T37 M37.3 Nutrition for Endurance and Strength Sports     1 Nada Rotovnik Kozjek
Anja Carlsohn
Peter Soeters
EDU T37 M37.4 Fluid, Electrolyte Balance and Ergogenic Aids     1 Bojan Knap
Žan Zupančič
Topic 38 Nutritional Support in Pulmonary Diseases 4 4    
EDU T38 M38.1 Mechanisms of Wasting in Chronic Respiratory Diseases and the Impact of Disease Exacerbations     1 Annemie Schols
EDU T38 M38.2 Issues Related to Obesity in COPD     1 Bram van den Borst
EDU T38 M38.3 Evidence Based Management of Pulmonary Cachexia. Current Evidence for Nutritional support, Multimodal Approaches and Future Directions     1 Mariêlle Engelen
EDU T38 M 38.4 Nutrition as a Modifiable Factor in the Onset of Respiratory Disease     1 Rosanne Beijers
Topic 39 Let's talk about Nutrition: Communication Skills for Health Care Professionals 4 3    
EDU T39 M 39.1 Evidence-based Facts in Nutrition: How to Produce and Extract the Evidence       Željko Krznarić
Tajana Pavić
EDU T39 M 39.2 Nutrition Facts: Cost-effectiveness of Nutrition Support     1 Maurizio Muscaritoli
Maria Ida Amabile
EDU T39 M 39.3 From Theory to Practice: Communication Skills for Health Care Professionals (HCPs)     1 Joelle Singer
EDU T39 M 39.4 Discover Your Personality to Improve Your Communication Skills     1 Alain Golay
Topic 40 Presentation and Publication Skills        
EDU T40 M 40.1 How to Develop a Protocol and Write a Grant?       Nathalie Delzenne
EDU T40 M 40.2 How to Present a Paper?       George Grimble
EDU T40 M 40.3 What You Need to Know How to Get Your Paper Published?       Nicolaas E Deutz
EDU T40 M 40.4 Publication Governance: Pitfalls to Avoid       Dileep N Lobo
Topic 41 Nutrition in Cancer: Focus on Tumor Types        
EDU T41 M 41.1 Nutrition in for Gut Tumors (H&N and esophagus)       A. Kapala
EDU T41 M 41.2 Nutrition in Breast Cancer       P. Kabata
EDU T41 M 41.3 Nutrition in Colorectal Cancer       M. Cintoni
EDU T41 M 41.4 Nutrition in Gastric and Pancreatic Cancer       A. Uguz
Topic 42 Clinical Sports Nutrition in Sport-Related Health Problems        
EDU T42 M 42.1 Dehydration and Electrolyte Disturbance - Silent Killer of Exercise Performance       Bojan Knap
Krištof Knap
EDU T42 M 42.2 Malnutrition in Physical Activity - Etipatogenesis, Diagnostics and Treatment of RED-Syndrome       Ana Karin Kozjek
Margo Mountjoy
EDU T42 M 42.3 Gut Training and Gastrointestinal Issues in Physical Activity       Ziva Mrevlje-Simon
EDU T42 M 42.4 Nutrition for Optimising Immune Function and Recovery from Injury in Sports       Nada Rotovnik Kozjek
Gašper Tonin
Michael Gleeson
Topic 44 Micronutrients in Clinical Nutrition        
M 44.1
Trace Elements in Clinical Nutrition       Alan Shenkin
Mette M Berger
Dinesh Talwar
M 44.2
Vitamins in Clinical Nutrition       ESPEN Micronutrient Special Interest Group*
M 44.3
Micronutrients in Homecare and Chronic Diseases       ESPEN Micronutrient Special Interest Group*
M 44.4
Micronutrients in Acute Disease and Critical Illness       ESPEN Micronutrient Special Interest Group*
*ESPEN Micronutrient Special Interest Group: Hanna-Liis Lepp, Karin Amrein, Oguzhan S. Dizdar, Michael P Casaer, Kursat Gundogan, Angélique M.E. de Man, Serge Rezzi, Arthur RH van Zanten, Alan Shenkin, Mette M. Berger



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