List of Topics and Modules 2023

Code Title Credits for Live course Credits for on-line course Credits for Grading Quiz Authors
Topic 1 Metabolism of Macronutrients 4 3    
EDU T1 M1.1 Introduction to Clinical Nutrition 1      Pichard Claude
Meier Rémy
Regina Komsa
EDU T1 M1.2 Metabolism of Carbohydrates     1 H.P. Sauerwein
EDU T1 M1.3 Metabolism of Lipids     1 Regina Komsa-Penkova,
Lubos Sobotka
EDU T1 M1.4 Metabolism of Amino Acids and Proteins     1 Luc Cynober
Topic 2 Water, Electrolytes and Micronutrients 4 4    
EDU T2 M2.1 Water and Electrolytes in Health and Disease (under development)     1  
EDU T2 M2.2 Metabolism of Vitamins     1 Alan Shenkin
EDU T2 M2.3 Metabolism of Minerals and Trace Elements     1 Alan Shenkin
EDU T2 M2.4 Colloids, Albumin, Specific Clinical Conditions (under development)     1  
EDU T2 M2.5 Fluid Balance and Metabolism in Surgery     1 Damian Bragg
Simon P Allison
Dileep N Lobo
Topic 3 Nutritional Assessment and Techniques 4 3    
EDU T3 M3.1 Nutritional Screening and Assessment   1 Yitshal Berner
Remy Meier
Lubos Sobotka
EDU T3 M3.2 Body Composition   1 Kristina Norman
Yitshal Berner
Remy Meier
Lubos Sobotka
Nachum Vaisman
EDU T3 M3.3 Energy Balance   1 Lubos Sobotka
Topic 4 Nutritional Support in Paediatric Patients (1) 4 4    
EDU T4 M4.1 Role of Diet in Prevention and Treatment of Hyperlipidaemia in Children     1 Corina Hartman
EDU T4 M4.2 Food Allergy: Prevention and Treatment - Cow's Milk Allergy       Hania Szajewska
EDU T4 M4.3 Nutrition Treatment in Children with Intestinal Failure with a Special Emphasis on Short Bowel Syndrome     1 Sanja Kolaček
EDU T4 M4.4 Principles of Feeding the Preterm Infant     1 Koen Joosten
Topic 5 Nutritional Requirements during Lifespan   2    
EDU T5 M5.1 Dynamic of Nutritional Requirements during Lifespan     1  
EDU T5 M5.2 Nutritional Requirements in Pregnancy and Lactation     1  
Topic 6 Malnutrition in the Community   4    
EDU T6 M6.1 Malnutrition and Its Impact in the Community     1 Matthias Pirlich
EDU T6 M6.2 Screening and Assessment     1 Remy Meier
EDU T6 M6.3 Nutritional Care of Patients in the Community     1 Michela Zanetti
EDU T6 M6.4 Transition of Nutritional Care from Hospital to Home     1 Stanislaw Klek
Topic 7 Enteral/Parenteral Nutrition - Substrates   3    
EDU T7 M7.1 Substrates Used for Enteral Nutrition: Tube Feeding     1 Aleksandra Kapala
Ryszard Choruz
Stanislaw Klek
EDU T7 M7.2 Substrates for Parenteral Nutrition     1 Stanislaw Klek
EDU T7 M7.3 Immunonutrition Substrates for Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition     1 Stanislaw Klek
Tomasz Kowalczyk
Topic 8 Approach to Oral and Enteral Nutrition in Adults 4 4    
EDU T8 M8.1 Indications, Contraindications, Complications and Monitoring of EN     1 Michela Zanetti
EDU T8 M8.2 Hospital Diet and Oral Nutritional Supplements (Sip Feeds)     1 Matthias Pirlich
Kalliopi-Anna Poulia
Marian de van der Schueren
Kristina Norman
EDU T8 M8.3 Techniques of Enteral Nutrition     1 Johann Ockenga
EDU T8 M8.4 Formulae for Enteral Nutrition     1 Alastair Forbes
Luzia Valentini
Topic 9 Approach to Parenteral Nutrition 4 4    
EDU T9 M9.1 Indications and Contraindications for Parenteral Nutrition     1 Zeljko Krznaric
EDU T9 M9.2 Techniques of Parenteral Nutrition     1 André Van Gossum
Asuncion Ballarin
Viviane Lievin
EDU T9 M9.3 Compounding and Ready-to-use Preparation of PN: Pharmaceutical Aspects. Compatibility and Stability Consideration; Drug Admixing     1 Peter Austin
Dina Ljubas Kelečić
EDU T9 M9.4 Monitoring and Complications of Parenteral Nutrition     2 Alessandro Laviano
Topic 10 Nutritional Support in Pediatric Patients (2) 4 4    
EDU T10 M10.1 Nutritional Evaluation of Hospitalized Children     1 Koen Joosten
Koen Huysentruyt
EDU T10 M10.2 Enteral Nutrition in Pediatric Patients     1 Raanan Shamir
EDU T10 M10.3 Parenteral Nutrition in Pediatric Patients     1 Sanja Kolaček
EDU T10 M10.4 Principles of Feeding in Pediatric ICU     1 Koen Joosten
Topic 11 Organisation of Nutritional Care. Ethic and Legal Aspects   4    
EDU T11 M11.1 Organisation of a Nutritional Support Team     1 S.M. ten Dam
A. Droop
W. Arjaans
S.D.W. de Groot
Marian van Bokhorst - de van der Schuere
EDU T11 M11.2 Ethical and Legal Aspects of Nutritional Care     1 Rocco Barazzoni
Samia Hurst
Diana Cardenas
EDU T11 M11.3 Ethical Issues and Dilemmas in Artificial Nutrition and Hydration     1 Diana Cardena
EDU T11 M11.4 Clinical Nutrition and Human Rights     1 Rocco Barazzoni
Cristina Cuerda
M. Isabel T. D Correia
Diana Cardenas
Topic 12 Nutritional Support in Gastrointestinal Diseases 4 4    
EDU T12 M12.1 Compromised Gut     1 Stanislaw Klek
Peter B. Soeters
EDU T12 M12.2 Challenges in Treating the Patient with Short Bowel     1 Alastair Forbes
EDU T12 M12.3 Nutrition and Gastrointestinal Fistulas     1 Jon Shaffe
Stanislaw Klek
EDU T12 M12.4 Nutrition in Inflammatory Bowel Disease     1 Rémy Meier
Topic 13 Nutritional Support in Liver Disease 2* 2    
EDU T13 M13.1 Nutritional Support in Acute Liver Failure     1 William Bernal
EDU T13 M13.2 Nutritional Support in Chronic Liver Disease     1 Mathias Plauth
Topic 14 Nutritional Support in Pancreatic Disease 2* 2    
EDU T14 M14.1 Nutrition in Acute Pancreatitis     1 Rémy Meier
Mihailo Bezmarević
Stephen A. McClave
EDU T14 M14.2 Chronic Pancreatitis     1 Johann Ockenga
Topic 15 Nutrition Support in Renal Disease 4 4    
EDU T15 M15.1 Acute Kidney Injury     1 Enrico Fiaccadori
EDU T15 M15.2 Nutritional Support in Chronic Kidney Disease     1 Denis Fouque
EDU T15 M15.3 Nutrition Support in End-stage Renal Disease Patients on Haemodialysis (ESRD-HD)     1 Alice Sabatino
EDU T15 M 15.4 Nutrition Support in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients     1 Daniel Teta
Topic 16 Nutritional Support in Specific Clinical Conditions   4    
EDU T16 M16.1 Nutritional Support in Burns     1 Metter M. Berger
Rene L. Chiolero
EDU T16 M16.2 Nutrition in Gravity and Bed Rest     1  
EDU T16 M16.3 Nutritional Support in Multiple Trauma (under development)     1 Metter M. Berger
Rene L. Chiolero
EDU T16 M16.4 Nutritional Support in Head Trauma     1  
Topic 17 Nutritional Support in the Perioperative Period 4 4    
EDU T17 M17.1 Metabolic Responses to Surgical Stress     1 Mattias Soop
Olle Ljungqvist
EDU T17 M17.2 Managing Surgical Stress: Principles of Enhanced Recovery and Effect on Outcomes     1 Olle Ljungqvist
Kenneth C H Fearon
EDU T17 M17.3 Nutritional Therapy in the Perioperative Period     1 Arved Weimann
EDU T17 M17.4 Making the Gut work     1 Damian Bragg
Ahmed M. El-Sharkawy
Emmanouil Psaltis
Charles A. Maxwell-Armstrong
Dileep N. Lobo
Topic 18 Nutritional Support in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Patients 4 4    
EDU T18 M18.1 Energy in the ICU     1 Michael J. Hiesmayr
EDU T18 M18.2 Protein Requirements in the ICU     1 Pierre Singer
EDU T18 M18.3 Lipids and Carbohydrates: How to Prescribe     1 Elisabeth De Waele
EDU T18 M18.4 How to Choose the Best Route of Feeding     1 Claude Pichard
Topic 19 Chronic Intestinal Failure and Home Parenteral Nutrition (HPN) in Adults 4 4    
EDU T19 M19.1 Indications and Outcome     1 André Van Gossum
EDU T19 M19.2 HPN: Training and Monitoring. Chronic Intestinal Failure: Medical Treatment     1 Lore Billiauws
Francisca Joly
EDU T19 M19.3 Central Venous Access Device Complications     1 Geert Wanten
EDU T19 M19.4 Metabolic Complications of Home Parenteral Nutrition and Indications for Intestinal Transplantation in Chronic Intestinal Failure     1 Loris Pironi
Topic 20 Nutrition and Prevention of Diseases 4 4    
EDU T20 M20.1 Nutrients in the Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases     1 Rosa Burgos Peláez
EDU T20 M20.2 Nutrition in the Prevention of Osteoporosis     1 Maurizio Muscaritoli
Sara Emerenziani
EDU T20 M20.3 Nutrition in the Prevention of Cancer     1 Maurizio Muscaritoli
Sara Emerenziani
EDU T20 M20.4 Nutrition in the Prevention of Neurological Diseases     1 Rosa Burgos Peláez
Topic 21 Consequences of Diabetes on the Nutritional Status 2* 2    
EDU T21 M21.1 Medical Nutrition in Diabetes Mellitus     1 Michela Zanetti
EDU T21 M21.2 Nutritional Support in Diabetes Type I and Type II     1 Lubos Sobotka
Topic 22 Nutrition in Lipidaemias 2* 2    
EDU T22 M22.1 Dyslipidemia: Targeting the Management of Cardiovascular Risk Factors     1 Miguel Leon Sanz
María D. Ballesteros-Pomar
EDU T22 M22.2 Prescription of Artificial Nutrition in Patients with Dislipidemia     1 María D. Ballesteros-Pomar
Miguel León Sanz
Topic 23 Nutrition in Obesity 4 4    
EDU T23 M23.1 Obesity - Aetiopathogenesis and Complications     1 Rocco Barazzoni
EDU T23 M23.2 Obesity: Assessment and Prevention     1 Michael Chourdakis
EDU T23 M23.3 Obesity Therapy     1 Stephan Bischoff
EDU T23 M23.4 Bariatric Surgery - Nutritional and Metabolic Complications     1 Irit Chermesh
Topic 24 Nutritional Support in Metabolic Syndrome 4 4    
EDU T24 M24.1 Diagnostic Criteria for Metabolic Syndrome     1 María Cristina Cuerda Compés
EDU T24 M24.2 Insulin Resistance: from Pathophysiology to Clinical Assessment     1 Rocco Barazzoni
EDU T24 M24.3 Lifestyle Interventions in Metabolic Syndrome     1 Miguel León-Sanz
EDU T24 M24.4 Drugs as Disease Modifiers in the Metabolic Syndrome: Change of Paradigm     1 Joelle Singer
María D. Ballesteros Pomar
Topic 25 Nutritional Support in Neurological Diseases 4 4    
EDU T25 M25.1 Nutritional and Metabolic Consequences of Neurological Diseases     1 Irene Bretón
EDU T25 M25.2 Nutritional Support in Strok     1 Stéphane M. Schneide
EDU T25 M25.3 Nutritional Support in Chronic Neurological Diseases     1 Rosa Burgos
EDU T25 M25.4 Nutritional Support in Dementia     1 Rainer Wirth
Topic 26 Nutritional Support in Cancer 4 4    
EDU T26 M26.1 Nutritional and Metabolic Consequences of Cancer and its Treatments     1 Alessandro Laviano
EDU T26 M26.2 Nutritional Treatment Strategies in Cancer Patients     1 Harriet Jager-Wittenaar
EDU T26 M26.3 Physical Activity and Exercise Training in Cancer Patients     1 Matthew Maddocks
EDU T26 M26.4 Multimodal Care     1 Jann Arends
Topic 27 Nutritional Support in Infectious Disease   3    
EDU T27 M27.1 Nutrition and Immune Response (under development)     1  
EDU T27 M27.2 Principles of Nutritional Therapy in HIV/AIDS     1 Joel Faintuch
EDU T27 M27.3 Principles of Nutritional Therapy in Corona Virus Patients (under development)     1  
Topic 28 Nutrition in Allergic Diseases 1      
EDU T28 M28.1 Nutrition and Food Allergy     1  
Topic 29 Nutrition in Hereditary Diseases   4    
EDU T29 M29.1 Nutrition in Phenylketonuria (under development)     1  
EDU T29 M29.2 Nutrition in Lactose Intolerance (under development)     1  
EDU T29 M29.3 Nutrition in Celiac Disease (under development)     1  
EDU T29 M29.4 Nutrition in the Cystic Fibrosis Patients - Impact and Intervention     1 Gizel Diab
Lea Bentur
Drora Berkowitz
Geila S. Rozen
Topic 30 Nutrition in Rheumatological Diseases 1* 1    
EDU T30 M30.1 Rheumatological Diseases (under development)     1 Patrick Ammann
Topic 31 Nutrition in Behavioral Disorders 5 5    
EDU T31 M31.1 Nutrition in Anorexia Nervosa     1 Alberto Miján-de-la-Torre
Beatriz Mateo-de-Silleras
Elvira Martin-de-la-Torre
M Paz Redondo-del-Rio
Ana Pérez-García
EDU T31 M31.2 Nutrition in Bulemia     1 Núria Español-Armengol
Alberto Miján-de-la-Torre
EDU T31 M31.3 Nutritional and Metabolic Alterations in Alcohol Abuse.
Risks of Ethanol-Related Health Problems.
    1 Robertas Badaras
Regina Komsa
Gabija Dragelyte
Edvard Grišin
EDU T31 M31.4 Nutrition in Drug Abuse (under development)     1  
EDU T31 M31.5 Nutrition in Autism (under development)     1  
Topic 32 Food Safety   1    
EDU T32 M32.1 Food Safety. Exposure to Toxic Environment     1 Maya Stavreva
Ed van Klink
Iliana Buteva
Nedka Trifonova
Topic 33 Nutrition and Public Health   1    
EDU T33 M33.1 Nutrition and Public Health (under development)     1  
Topic 34 Nutrigenomics   2    
EDU T34 M34.1 Nutrigenomics - New Research Approaches     1 Varban Ganev
EDU T34 M34.2 From Nutrients to Genes: Response to Nutrients     1 Varban Ganev
Topic 35 Economics of Nutrition   1    
EDU T354 M35.1 Cost Benefit in Clinical Nutrition     1 Dan Waitzberg
Yara Carnevalli
Topic 36 Nutrition in Older Adults 4 4    
EDU T36 M36.1 Epidemiology, Aetiology and Consequences of Malnutrition in Older Adults     1 Tommy Cederholm
EDU T36 M36.2 Nutritional Screening, Assessment and Diagnosis. Dietary Advice and Oral Nutritional Supplements in Older Adults     1 Marian A. E. de van der Schueren
EDU T36 M36.3 Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition in Older Adults     1 Stéphane M. Schneider
EDU T36 M36.4 Age-Related Sarcopenia     1 Juergen Bauer
Topic 37 Nutrition and Physical Activity 4 4    
EDU T37 M37.1 Energy Balance Regulation: Effects of Exercise on ad Libitum Food Intake     1 Katarina Melzer
EDU T37 M37.2 Physical Activity and Chronic Diseases     1 Julie Mareschal-Douissard
Emilie Reber
EDU T37 M37.3 Nutrition for Endurance and Strength Sports     1 Nada Rotovnik Kozjek
Anja Carlsohn
Peter Soeters
EDU T37 M37.4 Fluid, Electrolyte Balance and Ergogenic Aids     1 Bojan Knap
Žan Zupančič
Topic 38 Nutritional Support in Pulmonary Diseases 4 4    
EDU T38 M38.1 Mechanisms of Wasting in Chronic Respiratory Diseases and the Impact of Disease Exacerbations     1 Annemie Schols
EDU T38 M38.2 Issues Related to Obesity in COPD     1 Bram van den Borst
EDU T38 M38.3 Evidence Based Management of Pulmonary Cachexia. Current Evidence for Nutritional support, Multimodal Approaches and Future Directions     1 Mariêlle Engelen
EDU T38 M 38.4 Nutrition as a Modifiable Factor in the Onset of Respiratory Disease     1 Rosanne Beijers
Topic 39 Let's talk about Nutrition: Communication Skills for Health Care Professionals 4 3    
EDU T39 M 39.1 Evidence-based Facts in Nutrition: How to Produce and Extract the Evidence       Željko Krznarić
Tajana Pavić
EDU T39 M 39.2 Nutrition Facts: Cost-effectiveness of Nutrition Support     1 Maurizio Muscaritoli
Maria Ida Amabile
EDU T39 M 39.3 From Theory to Practice: Communication Skills for Health Care Professionals (HCPs)     1 Joelle Singer
EDU T39 M 39.4 Discover Your Personality to Improve Your Communication Skills     1 Alain Golay
Topic 40 Presentation and Publication Skills        
EDU T40 M 40.1 How to Develop a Protocol and Write a Grant?       Nathalie Delzenne
EDU T40 M 40.2 How to Present a Paper?       George Grimble
EDU T40 M 40.3 What You Need to Know How to Get Your Paper Published?       Nicolaas E Deutz
EDU T40 M 40.4 Publication Governance: Pitfalls to Avoid       Dileep N Lobo



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