Dear User,

You cannot start your training on the LLL programme without registration.
Registration to LLL programme is free of charge.

In case you are already an ESPEN member, please use your ESPEN username and password to access the LLL programme.If you already have an account in the LLL, there is no need to register to LLL again before you attend a new Live Course.
If you are not an ESPEN member, and you have never been registered to LLL before, you need to make an individual account for LLL.

Registration procedure:

  1. Go to LLL WEB PORTAL:
  2. You will arrive to the ESPEN webpage
  3. Click on "Don't have an account"
  4. On the landing page "Select a plan to proceed"
  5. Select "The LLL Live Long Learning Programme"
  6. Click on the entry "Subscribe now"
  7. In the new window click on "Register Now"
  8. Then click on "Register to a new account today"
  9. On the new page "Register" You have to fill in all the information required!
  10. After you complete the registration, you will receive TWO EMAILS FROM, one informational and another one for verification, PROVIDING A link asking you TO ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT

Note: Most verification emails are received immediately, however, during peak times, it can take LLL WEB-portal longer to send them out.
Please check your spam folder to be sure that the verification email is not being detected as spam (especially if you have a Hotmail or Yahoo email account).

Please note that for username, you cannot use Cap letters, only small letters, e.g., maria.

Accounts that are not activated or with incomplete personal details will be deleted by the LLL administration after 20 days.

Some advices: Registration in the LLL portal has to be done with a personal computer or a notebook (not through other devices such as a smartphone or tablet). We recommend using Chrome or Internet Explorer browsers with cookies and pop-ups enabled, at least temporarily.

Participants must register by themselves. Neither ESPEN nor LLL staff provide registration for the participants.

By signing up, please accept cookies and privacy policy.

Problems in registration

Should you encounter problems in creating your account, please retry following the process mentioned above.

If you continue to have technical difficulties, please contact the local LLL organizer if you are also participating in a live LLL course.

Please contact the LLL administration team on the following email: The LLL administration team will handle your request on a first come first served basis, during European working days and hours in English only.
No support is provided at night or during weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

All the best and thank you again!

LLL Board

Prof. Alessandro Laviano
Prof. Remy Meier
Prof. Regina Komsa-Penkova
Prof. Stanislaw Klek

January 2023

Last modified: Monday, 6 March 2023, 9:54 AM