The ESPEN LLL Programme is receiving worldwide recognition, it is highly appreciated and is included among others in a selected group of high-quality educational projects.
You are cordially invited to join the next TLLL course.

Teach the Teachers for Life Long Learning (T-LLL) programme initiated by ESPEN is a recent educational project which is already a success by qualifying new teachers to spread the knowledge and education in nutritional care. Furthermore, the growing interest into the T-LLL is related to its training healthcare professionals using the latest innovative educational concepts.

The T-LLL course is scheduled during the annual ESPEN Congress.

To register for participation to the T-LLL course, applicants should comply with the following prerequisites and submit the following documents:

  1. Being 30 years old or more
  2. Being an ESPEN member for the current year
  3. Being a member of a national PEN society which is block member and council member of ESPEN
  4. To complete three LLL live courses (12 CREDITS) and three LLL topics online (8 CREDITS)

If you comply with these pre-requisites, please send your application to Prof. Alessandro Laviano ( and to Prof. Regina Komsa ( with the following documents:

  1. short CV summarizing your educational experience
  2. letter of recommendation signed by the chairman of the national PEN society
  3. the application form
  4. submit the email of your registration to the Congress, where TLLL course is organized

The complete application material has to be sent no later than July 1st of the current year.

Failure to submit any of the requested documents will result in rejection of the application to the T-LLL course. Please note that email accepting your application will be sent to you by LLL Board after internally checking the documents sent. The acceptance letter for T-LLL course is eligible only when provided by LLL Board.

Participants will benefit from the T-LLL course by acquiring teaching skills using a virtual environment and innovative methodologies. Also, after successful completion of the T-LLL course, participants will become ESPEN-certified teachers of the LLL programme in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism. In this regard:

  • LLL teachers are authorized to organize and conduct either the LLL live courses and the online training;
  • LLL teachers will receive the support of ESPEN to organize and conduct live courses during national and international events;
  • LLL teachers are granted the access to the ESPEN LLL training materials posted on the Virtual Portal for Teachers of LLL ( and the right to use such educational material;
  • LLL teachers are authorized to translate the content of LLL material (or part of it) into his/her national language for wider dissemination.

The fee for TLLL course is 200 Euro. The payment should be done at the Congress Registration.

LLL Board:
Prof. Alessandro Laviano
Prof. Remy Meier
Prof. Regina Komsa-Penkova
Prof. Stanislaw Klek

January, 2024



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