Learn about epidemiology and the extent of the use of HPN in adult patients; Learn about indications for HPN in adult patients and clinical features (including prognosis) of these patients; Understand the importance of training and monitoring patients on home parenteral nutrition; Learn about common practice on training and monitoring; Learn about different central venous access devices (CVAD); Catheter related complications of infectious and mechanical origin; Strategy to prevent problems and treatment of complications; To learn about the feeding of the incurable cancer patient (why, which and how); To understand the impact of HPN on survival and quality of life; Withdrawing HPN; How to adapt nutrition support in HPN patients? What are the nutritional needs of a patient? How to cover the needs for a patient? How to evaluate PN dependence?; Learn about identifying the main metabolic HPN complications in adult patients; Learn how to prevent and cure these complications. Improvement of competencies and skills in CN, application of effective CN in the treatment of disease and health promotion, To acquire tools to interpret new scientific information, genetic predisposition and link with nutrition, better practical management of nutritional support.