To learn about the assessment and prevalence of nutritional depletion in in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD); To understand the importance of weight loss and nutritional depletion, the mechanisms, the consequences and reversibility of weight loss and muscle wasting in COPD; To develop an overview of the results of clinical trials of nutritional support in COPD; To understand the aims of nutritional support in COPD and how support programmes might integrate with other therapies; To understand the reasons why nutritional support programmes might be unsuccessful; To learn about the magnitude of the burden of the disease and the systemic involvement of chronic respiratory failure; To learn about the integration of nutritional support in pulmonary rehabilitation including exercise training for patients with systemic chronic inflammatory diseases as chronic respiratory failure. Improvement of competencies and skills in CN, application of effective CN in the treatment of disease and health promotion; To acquire tools to interpret new scientific information, genetic predisposition and link with nutrition, better practical management of nutritional support.