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Modules Update

Modules Update

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Modules Updated in 2022:

Topic 11 Organisation of Nutritional Care. Ethic and Legal Aspects

Module 11.1 Organisation of a Nutritional Support Team

Topic 13 Nutritional Support in Liver Disease

Module 13.1 Nutritional Support in Acute Liver Failure
Module 13.2 Nutritional Support in Chronic Liver Disease

Topic 14 Nutrition in Pancreatic Disease

Module 14.1 Nutrition in Acute Pancreatitis
Module 14.2 Chronic Pancreatitis

Topic 20 Nutrition and Prevention of Diseases

Module 20.1 Nutrients in the Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases
Module 20.2 Nutrition in the Prevention of Osteoporosis
Module 20.3 Nutrition in the Prevention of Cancer
Module 20.4 Nutrition in the Prevention of Neurological Diseases

Topic 21 Consequences of Diabetes Mellitus on the Nutritional Status

Module 21.1 Medical Nutrition in Diabetes Mellitus
Module 21.2 Nutritional Support in Diabetes Type 1 and 2

Topic 22 Nutrition in Lipidemias

Module 22.1 Dyslipidemia: Targeting the Management of Cardiovascular Risk Factors
Module 22.2 Prescription of Artificial Nutrition in Patients with Dyslipidaemia

Topic 38 Nutritional Support in Pulmonary Diseases

Module 38.1 Mechanisms of Wasting in Chronic Respiratory Diseases and the Impact of Disease Exacerbations
Module 38.2 Issues Related to Obesity in COPD
Module 38.3 Evidence Based Management of Pulmonary Cachexia. Current Evidence for Nutritional Support, Multimodal Approaches and Future Directions
Module 38.4 Nutrition as a Modifiable Factor in the Onset of Respiratory Disease