Application for the Teach the Teachers Webinar

WEBINAR-TLLL COURSE at Second Virtual ESPEN Congress 2021

Dear Colleague,
The LLL - Board invites you to join a WEBINAR-TLLL course for trainers!

The WEBINAR-TLLL course will be held on the 15 September 2021 / 09:00-13:00.

If you are already a TLLL certified teacher, you can upgrade your "know-how" for LLL Webinars. To participate in the course, you have to send your application to:
Prof. Alessandro Laviano ( and
Prof. Regina Komsa (

If you are not a TLLL certified teacher and you are interested to join the TLLL team you have to be:

  1. an ESPEN member for the current year (2021)
  2. older than 35 years
  3. member of a national PEN society, which is ESPEN block member and ESPEN council member
  4. have completed successfully 3 LLL live courses/Webinars (12 credits) and 3 online LLL topics (8 credits)

If you comply with these pre-requisites, please send your application to Prof. Alessandro Laviano ( and to Prof. Regina Komsa ( with the following documents:

  1. short CV summarizing your educational experience
  2. letter of recommendation signed by the chairman of the national PEN society
  3. the application form
  4. submit the email of your registration to the Congress

Please, find the APPLICATION FORM by clicking here.

Please note, that due to the limited number of participants, those who are already experienced in LLL teaching will have priority.
Please, send your application to Prof. Laviano and Prof. Komsa not later than 01.08.2021.

The ESPEN membership and the fee for WEBINAR-TLLL COULD BE ARRANGED BY 01.08.2021.

The fee for the TLLL course is 200 Euro. The payment should be done at the Congress Registration.

Only an official communication by any of the LLL Board members (i.e., Prof. Laviano, Prof. Komsa, Prof. Meier) will confirm your acceptance to the webinar TLLL course. No other communication allows eligibility to the TLLL course.
Please note that failure to submit any of the requested documents will result in rejection of the application to the TLLL course. Also, all submitted documents will be checked by the LLL Board.
Participants will benefit from the TLLL course by acquiring teaching skills using a virtual environment and innovative methodologies. Also, after successful completion of the T-LLL course, participants will become ESPEN-certified teachers of the LLL programme in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism.
Hope to see many of you at the TLLL Webinar Course.

LLL Board:

Prof. Alessandro Laviano
Prof. Remy Meier
Prof. Regina Komsa-Penkova

July, 2021

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