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    New series of educational LLL topics

    by TLLL co-Admin -

    Dear colleagues,
    We're happy to share that the LLL board has launched an exciting new series of educational LLL topics this year. A standout addition is "Micronutrients in Clinical Nutrition", expertly coordinated by Mette Berger.

    This comprehensive course is now accessible on the LLL Web Portal. Discover it here:

    Course Overview: Topic 44 - Micronutrients in Clinical Nutrition

    • Module 44.1: Trace Elements in Clinical Nutrition
    • Module 44.2: Vitamins in Clinical Nutrition
    • Module 44.3: Micronutrients in Homecare and Chronic Diseases
    • Module 44.4: Micronutrients in Acute Disease and Critical Illness
    Stay tuned for our upcoming modules that delve into the role of Nutrition in Various Cancer Types and Clinical Nutrition in Sport-related Health Problems. Our team is diligently working on these modules to expand your knowledge horizon.

    LLL Board

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